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A little bit more about me...

Howdy, My name is Akino Gunstone. Born and based in Vancouver, BC. I am a graduate of Langara's Design Formation Program, where I built a strong multidisciplinary background which stems across multiple creative fields from fine art to carpentry to digital.


In school, I was able to hone in on my innovative creative skills and discover an ability to step into leadership roles. For our grad show, I took on the role of Fabrication Team Lead. With a tight deadline and budget, I lead a team of 4 in building our grad show from the ground up, all whilst balancing regular coursework. Communicating with the Graphics Team Lead, the Exhibition Design Team Lead and The Event Team Lead we pulled off a smooth and easy setup, and a great grad event. 


When the pandemic hit, I found myself locked in my home. With mixed emotions and an insatiable creative fervour,  I self-published an illustrated zine. My zine “Quaran-Zine” features a pigeon who feels a little lost in the March 2020 panic. I sold “Quaran-Zine”  on my Etsy, with 50% of the proceeds going toward Food Banks Canada. This little zine made its way into several Zine libraries across the US, including Barnard college & More.


My philosophy is that a story is what drives creativity. I love to deep dive into story and I believe story is what drives the greatest creative projects. Answering a collaboration’s Who, What, Where, When and Why creates more impactful work. 


I love lending my creative mind to people who want to find fun and new dynamic solutions but don’t quite know how to. I’m here to help with that execution. If you have a faint inkling of an idea, I can help wrangle that idea and turn it into a reality. 


Currently, I am an in-house artist at Holt Renfrew Vancouver. I balance the role of bottle painter as well as laser engraving technician. 


You might be thinking “Jeez is there anything this gal can’t do!?” and the answer is Yes, I can’t and won’t participate in a triathlon.  



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