Focal Point

A sculptural exploration of material and form.

Using 90% of the material, an abstract form was created to explore the design principle of the focal point.

Made with 1⁄4 inch baltic birch plywood

Urgent Sea

1 of 6 exhibit pieces on sea-level rise and its effects on the city of Vancouver. Using recycled pallets as the primary material. 3 piece display that breaks down a volume of information, mirror houses on stilts a nod to dystopian thinking all the while paying homage to the fishing shacks that once lined Vancouver shores.


‘Urgent Sea; turning the tides on sea-level rise’ succeeded in partnership with the City of Vancouver and the Stanley Park Ecological Society.


‘Urgent Sea’ has been displayed at Telus World of Science; Science World, the Museum of Vancouver, and the Maritime Museum.

In collaboration with Jules Bernal, Eylin Karlstrom and the entire class or Design Formation 2018.

Year Of The Rooster 2017

A paper wreath handcrafted for Lunar New Year.

Auctioned off to fundraise for Design Formation scholarships and bursaries. Exploring visual motifs and paper manipulation, sculpting paper creates dimension giving the wreath a strong presence.

Brown Paper Couture

A cornerstone of the Retail Display course. Haute Couture gone paper. Using cardboard, various weights of brown paper, many many pins, and hot glue jewelry.

Recreated dress from Valentino FW 2016

Featured at  Oakridge Centre in March and the PNE in August of 2017.